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A menu decided on the day, sur place


That’s why it’s always exciting.



Made from the freshest ingredients, available only in limited amounts, brought in on the day of.


“These kinds of ingredients, which are

difficult to create a normal course with, these are the kinds of ingredients that I want to bring to life for all our customers to enjoy.

” With this goal in mind, chef Kamiage crafts a new dinner course based on ingredients completely unique to that day, every day.


Using only the highest quality of locally acquired ingredients, while taking into consideration the tastes of the customer, and the marriage with the accompanying wine, every detail is calculated in order bring the most fulfilling dining experience to all.


The excitement of our customers fuels our passion, and we cordially invite you to experience our chef’s exceptional artcraft.

We use the world-famous Saga Arita-yaki dish.

These dishes, bought by all the staff, are worth making for this restaurant only.


The colorful dishes not only produce the food colorfully, but also an important message that incorporates our "hospitality".

Even with the same food, I always keep an eye on things like the pace of your meal and the ease of eating.



Kei Kamiage


Born in 1979 in Fukuoka.

Repeated training under Mr. Atsushi Fujiwara at French cuisine "Fujiwara" in Harukichi, Fukuoka City.

Then he moved to Tokyo and studied in Michelin starred restaurants.

After returning home, he served as the chef at Ristorante Fontana.

Incumbent from 2016.



Menu A 

¥2,500 (tax in ¥2,750)

A small dish of the beginning of the meal, a seasonal hors d'oeuvre, a lady-style girl with fresh sea urchin,

Today's fish dishes or today's meat dishes, seasonal desserts, coffee or tea



Menu B 

Luxury lunch course

¥5,000 (tax in ¥5,500)



 ❖ Menu C  

Seasonal lunch Special course 

¥7,000 (tax in ¥7,700)

※Reservation required up to the day before  


We will select the most delicious ingredients of the day and create a special course for you.

The chef uses his arms to create seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and meat of the season.




 ¥5,000 (tax in ¥5,500)




¥7,000 (tax in ¥7,700)



¥10,000 (tax in ¥11,000)

※Reservation required up to the day before  


We are a restaurant operated by a wine maker.

So we have a wine that goes great with the food.

Click on the wine list button.


TEL  092-713-9213 

Mail  restaurant.chevalier@aes-japon.com

LUNCH : 11:30~14:00

DINNER : 17:30~23:00(21:30 Orderstop)



〒 810-0041

2-11-18 Daimyo Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City


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  2. ランチ  11:30~14:00
  3. ディナー  17:30~23:00(21:30 Orderstop) 
  4. ※定休日:毎週月曜日
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  7. 〒810-0041  福岡市中央区大名2丁目11-18
  8. TEL  092-713-9213 
  9. Mail  restaurant.chevalier@aes-japon.com